Connecting people

for better health.

About us


SaySo Medical is a digital communications agency, connecting people for better health. We deliver impactful webinars, webcasts, virtual meetings, online discussions, and make content easily accessible through on-demand video libraries.

We provide full support services alongside our platform for collaboration between the life sciences industry, university hospitals, and healthcare professionals.

The SaySo Platform

Our unique platform enables clients to facilitate discussions with healthcare professionals, building online communities, increasing productivity, customer reach and engagement. 

Live event webcast

Discussion Fora

On-demand video library and document repository

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Our Services

We provide hands-on support to our clients to connect healthcare professionals worldwide with the latest research, information and debate. We have deep pharmaceutical industry experience coupled with customer engagement expertise drawn from medicines, vaccines, and consumer brands. 

“It's like you were virtually there”

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 Tried and tested experience
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